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. Rent the backyard will get a tiny house into your backyard in a matter of weeks—and hopes it can add some cheaper apartments in cities to help alleviate the housing crisis. Thank you for visiting

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No, you don't need a permit, because in most municipalities charging someone rent to live in an rv on your property would be a violation of local rent housing ordinances. I bet you've never thought about renting out your backyard! Backyard tiny house will sign a land lease guaranteeing you payment every month to host a tiny house in your backyard.

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Discover apartment rentals, townhomes and many other types of rentals that suit your needs. We walk you through the entire process of building and renting an apartment in your backyard. Just like renting your home or room with airbnb, you can also rent your backyard to dog owners. All of our facilities are located in the united states, therefore our website is unavailable outside of the country.